Our History

We have been in operation in the Kingdom since 1979, and as a Saudi Company, realize that our future lies in the provision of “First Class” Service and attention to our customers. We are a Saudi Company and we are free to serve our clients in the fashion which suits the very special local Insurance Market within the Kingdom. We have access, if we require it, to all the special divisions within the London Market, i.e., Marine, Aviation, Financial, etc. Our Staff are well experienced and our Financial Institutions service receives the special attention of the Vice President and General Manager, William Nicholson. Our Team is well experienced in local practices and market conditions and provides the ideal balance of professional, technical expertise whilst realizing the practical needs of local industry.


We offer a comprehensive range of Insurance Services including;

Tailored Strategies

We work with the client to formulate an Insurance Program to protect the business and assets.

Risk Identification

We look at the entire scope of the operations of our Client to identify the relevant risks to his business and assets.

Reliable Coverage

We identify and provide guidance on financially sound and reliable Insurance Companies who may be involved in the Insurance Program.

Process Management

When the Client has decided upon the Insurers he wishes to use, we arrange the agreed policies with them.

Peace of Mind

The policies are carefully checked to ensure that they fully meet the specification selected by the Client and there are no surprises hidden between the lines.

We Make Insurance Simple

The checked policies are handed to the Client along with a detailed explanation of what is covered and what is not.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The client, when he is happy with policy and wording, will pay the premium to this office.

Client Support

Our duties do not end with the hand-over of the policy but continue throughout the period of insurance. During the period of insurance coverage, we look after the needs and interest of our Client.

Claims Management

This service also includes the complete and entire duties of handling all claims reported during the policy period.

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